Cora's upgrading, in more ways than one

Product improvements: We’re committed to creating period care you can rely on. Because of your feedback, our products are now better than ever. Here's more detail about the key product improvements that we've made to our pads and tampons

Giving: We were so pleased to share our first ever impact report. In case you missed it, check it out here. We have, and will continue to use our business to amplify women’s voices, create access and benefit the planet.

Website look and feel: When you edit your subscription or try new products, you may notice that our website has had a major upgrade. We're excited to present an experience to you that helps you find what you need easily, and represents the latest look and feel of our brand.

Subscription Updates:

Subscribe, or just buy a box: It's now easier to navigate between subscribing and buying a box of product to try, without the subscription. Please note that if you subscribe to our products, you do receive a 5% discount!

Add ons: Due to overwhelming popularity of what we traditionally considered an "add on," you can now checkout with these products with more flexibility. If you've been meaning to try out our period liners, heat relief, or body cloths without a subscription, this is the perfect opportunity! With this flexibility, we've revised pricing:

Product Buy Once Price Subscribe and Save Price
Period Liners (Box of 18) $6.00 $5.70
Body Cloths (Pouch of 30) $9.00 $8.55
Body Cloths (Box of 18 Sachets) $12.00 $11.40
Heat Relief (Box of 6) $15.00 $14.25

Absorbency Assortments: After a close review of our assortment offerings and top plans, we've identified our most popular mixed plans, and will be discontinuing some older ones. No action is needed from you, we've identified the best match for you based on what you currently use. Here's some more detail of what to expect:

Applicator and Applicator Free Tampons
Plan We Are Discontinuing Best Matched Plan
Mostly Light / Some Regular / Some Super Mix of Light / Regular / Super
Some Light / Mostly Regular / Some Super Mix of Light / Regular / Super
Some Regular / Mostly Super / Some Super + Mix of Regular / Super / Super +
Some Regular / Some Super / Mostly Super + Mix of Regular / Super / Super +
Some Super / Mostly Super + Half Super / Half Super +
Hybrid Pads
Plan We Are Discontinuing Best Matched Plan
Some Regular / Mostly Overnight Half Regular / Half Overnight


If you have any questions about your product assortment, please reach out to us here

Yearly plans: To be able to better serve you, we've refined our offering to just include quarterly plans. For customers currently on yearly plans, your shipment frequency and schedule will not change. Instead of being charged once up front, you'll be charged quarterly at 5% off the one-time purchase rate.

Shipping is $5 for orders under $20, otherwise it's free!

Combination Plans: If you have an existing plan of tampons + pads, you may notice that your account shows 2 plans. This is simply your plan split it into 2 parts and taking into account the updates outlined here. You now have the flexibility to update these products separately as you need.

Quantities: Based on customer feedback, we revisited the quantities in each box. You'll find more on that for each product below.

  • Pads:
    • We evaluated usage and learned that Overnight Pads are used a bit less frequently, since you don't change them as often as you do Regular or Super Pads. To give you exactly what you need, we've shifted the overnight boxes to be 14 ct in each box.
    • Regular and Super Pads are shifting from 18 per box to 16 per box.
  • Tampons:
    • Applicator Tampons are shifting to box counts of 16 each. 
    • Applicator Free Tampons are still in boxes of 18.
  • Bladder Liners/Period Liners/Heat Relief/Body Cloths:
    • There are no count changes to these products.

Based on these quantity updates, you may see that the number of products you receive in your shipment is slightly adjusted. As always, reach out to us here if you have any questions about this.

Pricing: With these key changes in product and quantities, we revised pricing and are pleased to share that the majority of subscribers should expect to see a decrease in your quarterly cost. There are a few plans, however, that may see a slight increase in cost. To offset this, we've already applied a $5 credit to customers on these plans to offset the difference.

Thanks again for being a loyal Cora customer and supporting us as we evolve our offerings. If you have any feedback or questions about these changes, please let us know here.


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