I'm experiencing leaking... what gives?

We are so sorry to hear you are experiencing some leaking issues. We so appreciate your feedback and take this information seriously as we continue to look for ways to make our product and customer experience even better.

We always recommend checking that you're properly inserting the tampon. This may sound a little crazy if you've been a long-time tampon user but we find that there is often an adjustment period as you begin using a new product of this nature. Our tampon applicators are compact which can also add to the learning curve a bit.

Please ensure the applicator is fully extended before inserting. Upon insertion, be sure you feel the very noticeable "click" of the inner tube aligning with the outer tub, if even the slightest bit of the inner tube is sticking out, this can cause the tampon to not release properly and may create an opportunity for leaks.

As with any feminine hygiene product, there is also the possibility that the consistency of your flow isn't compatible with the tampon. We'd love to hear more about your experience if you had better success at different stages of your period or if it was a continued issue.

If you have any additional information to share on the matter, we welcome the opportunity to hear more (there is no such thing as TMI here) - just shoot us an email.

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